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[Solved] 0x800F081F Error Messages While installing .NET Framework 3.5

Common occurrences when installing the .Net framework 3.5

Missing KB2966826; KB2966827; KB2966828

If the KB’s exist the article below is very helpful on the resolution

The article from details how you can fix the issue but I had a caveat in my encounter.

You look at the DISM error logs and you do see error as described in the article above.

DISM Package Manager: PID=1108 TID=1940 Failed finalizing changes. – CDISMPackageManager::Internal_Finalize(hr:0x800f081f)

But when you look in security updates you don’t see any of the KB’s that support .Net Framework 3.5

Usually the issue is referencing the sxs directory using a UNC path.


Copy the sxs directory to the local server, then run your DISM Powershell command as shown below.

 dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFX3 /all /Source:E:\sxs /LimitAccess



Power view is not supported in this edition of reporting services

I see this error from time to time, usually when you try to create a Power View report from the data connection you get the error that Power View is not support in this edition of reporting services.

Very self explanatory, its the edition of reporting services that was installed on the SharePoint Farm for Integrated mode that’s wrong. The requirements Business Intelligence as environment is SQL Server BI edition or Enterprise edition.

Chances are when Reporting Services Integrated mode was installed, it was installed with SQL Server Standard Edition.

So how do you fix it? You can easily upgrade the edition of SQL Server installed and it will take care of the problem.